Terms and Conditions

  1. The organisers’ objective is to gather the world’s best pigeon fanciers in a One-Loft-Series where every participant is on an equal footing with the rest.
  2. The organisers will invite or request applications of up to a maximum of 300 participants from across the world. The organisers reserve the right to refuse applicants based on performance criteria.
  3. The applicant will complete his/her application on the AfrikaPro website by filling in an electronic form that will prompt the applicant for the required information.
  4. The applicant will be informed whether such application is approved within 7 (seven) days of completion – such approval will be sent electronically via e-mail.
  5. All invited and qualified participants will pay a US$3000-00 reservation fee within 7 days when your shipping agent receives your first pigeons.
  6. Only pigeons rung with official 2021 rings/bands will be allowed to be entered. No pigeons will be allowed to take part in the race for more than one season.
  7. El período de admisión será del 1 de septiembre de 2021 al 28 de febrero de 2022.
  8. Fanciers have the right to top up their 15 pigeons for as long as it is within the intake period.
  9. Collection and shipping of local South African pigeons will be carried out via local agents. Associated costs are for the participant’s account.
  10. Foreign participants will ship their pigeons to their respective country agents. Please see the AfrikaPro website for country agent details.
  11. Shipping and foreign-country quarantine costs are for the participant’s account. The AfrikaPro organisers will carry the cost of quarantine in South Africa.
  12. All pigeons sent to our collection/shipping agent must be vaccinated for Pigeon Pox, Paramyxovirus and New Castle Disease at least 6-8 weeks before shipping. We strongly recommend that all participants vaccinate their pigeons twice, with the first vaccination on 3 weeks and second vaccination on 6 weeks of age.
  13. Every registered fancier will be limited to one team per loft with a post-quarantine limit of 15 pigeons at the time of acceptance into the loft.
  14. All participants will be allowed to send 15 pigeons to the AfrikaPro loft.
  15. The organiser’s training team will inspect all pigeons on arrival at the AfrikaPro Loft (post-quarantine).
  16. All fanciers are required to send their complete registration forms before their pigeons arrive at the AfrikaPro loft.
  17. All participants will pay an admission fee of US$6000-00 on the day that his/her pigeons are taken into the AfrikaPro Loft and registered on the Benzing Clocking System.
  18. Every pigeon’s registration ring will be encapsulated so that the ring number and identity of all the pigeons remain hidden from the training staff throughout the series
  19. The ownership of all the pigeons will transfer to the organisers once they are accepted into the AfrikaPro Loft.
  20. The method of care, training and racing will be at the sole discretion of the organisers.
  21. The organisers will use a net over the landing area to allow the pigeons to start homing as soon as possible after they arrived from the quarantine station.
  22. Formal loft training will commence during April 2022 or as soon as the moult allows.
  23. Road training will start during the latter part of May 2022 and lead up to a 160km activation race during June 2022.
  24. All participants will be informed of the number and ring details of his/her pigeons that are in the loft after the qualifying toss. The organisers will provide documentary evidence of the pigeons and ring numbers via a photograph of the pigeon.
  25. After completing the activation race, every participant will be required to identify and activate his/her 10 pigeons that will participate in the Fancier competition (Black Jacket). Any excess pigeons over and above the identified 10-Bird team will serve as the reserve pigeons for that particular team.
  26. In the case where one or more of the 10 activated pigeons of your team is lost, sick or passes, it can be replaced with one of the reserve pigeons of the team. No additional fees will be charged to activate a reserve pigeon.
  27. No participant will be allowed to use the reserve pigeons of another participant.
  28. After identifying and confirming his/her 10-bird team, every participant will be required to pay the US$6000-00 activation fee within 14 (fourteen) days. This payment will activate all the fancier’s pigeons to take part in the following competitions:
    1. The “BLACK JACKET” CHAMPION FANCIER COMPETITION described below in Clause 33.
    2. The “FANCIER OF THE WEEK” competition described below in Clause 34.
    3. The ”BLUE JACKET ” CHAMPION PIGEON COMPETITION described in Clause 35.
    4. The FINAL RACE described in Clause 36.
    5. The COUNTRY CUP described in Clause 45.
  29. Any participant who fails to pay the activation fee in Clause 28 within the prescribed 14 (fourteen) days will be disqualified and forfeit all previously paid fees. Such participants will also lose any share of the post-series auction proceeds as described in Clause 47.
  30. The 10-race AfrikaPro Series will commence in July 2022. The first race distance will be approximately 240km. The distance of the next race will increase gradually over the following 9 weeks leading up to the final during the 3rd week of September 2022. Please refer to the race programme as published. Please note that the organisers reserve the right to make changes to this schedule based on weather conditions, the general condition of the pigeons in the loft or any other Act of God.
  31. Access to the AfrikaPro Lofts will be strictly controlled and only participants will be allowed to visit the lofts on appointment made at least 72 hours before an intended visit. No participant will be allowed to enter or handle any pigeons without the supervision of the Loft Manager.
  32. Basketing for weekly races as well as the final will be carried out by the training staff under the supervision of an independent observer. Basketing will be recorded by CCTV cameras for online and/or later broadcast and/or inspection. The organisers reserve the right to transfer any pigeons showing signs of illness to the sick bay and put back in the following races once deemed fit.
  33. “BLACK JACKET” – CHAMPION FANCIER COMPETITION – this is the main competition at AfrikaPro. The winner will be determined as follows:
    1. After paying the US$6000-00 activation fee described in clause 28, all remaining pigeons in the fancier’s team will be activated for participation in the “BLACK JACKET COMPETITION”.
    2. The participant’s accumulated flying time of his/her first 2 pigeons will count towards his/her net accumulated time in the series of 10 races.
    3. After every race, the participant with the shortest accumulated times of his/her first 2 pigeons in that race will win the “FANCIER OF THE WEEK” prize money as per the Prize Money Schedule in clause 42.
    4. After the final race, the participant with the shortest net accumulated flying time over the 10 week series will be crowned the “CHAMPION FANCIER” prize money as per schedule in Clause 42.
  34. “FANCIER OF THE WEEK” WEEKLY COMPETITION – the winner of the weekly prize will be determined by the fancier whose first 2 pigeons record the shortest accumulated time on that weekend’s race. Prize money as per schedule in Clause 42.
  35. “BLUE JACKET” – CHAMPION PIGEON COMPETITION– this competition will determine which pigeon performed the best across the series of 10 races. All pigeons will take part in this competition. The winner will also be determined by its accumulated net flying time over all 10 races in the series—prize money as per schedule in Clause 42.
  36. FINAL RACE – the final race will be flown from a distance of approximately 620km. The organisers reserve the right to make adjustments to the distance to ensure a race of approximately 9 hours in duration—prize money as per schedule in Clause 42.
  37. The “HOURS OF DARKNESS” rule will apply in calculating the time flown by a fancier’s pigeons. The clock will stop 30 minutes after sunset on the 1st day (day of liberation) and restart the following day 15 minutes before sunrise. In the unlikely event that a fancier’s 3rd pigeon only arrives on the 3rd day after liberation, the “hours of darkness” rule will apply to the 2nd set of dark hours as well.
  38. All races will close 30 minutes after sunset on day 2 after liberation.
  39. The race organisers have the right to keep the clock running for longer than stated in clause 38.
  40. All late pigeons that arrived after the clock stopped will get a time penalty of 23 hours.
  41. The total prize money will be US$2 003 000. Prize money will be paid within 30 days of the official result as certified by the independent auditor/s. Weekly prize money will be paid within 7 days of the official result certified by the independent auditors.
      1st $500 000.00 9th $15 000.00 17th $7 000.00
      2nd $150 000.00 10th $14 000.00 18th $6 000.00
      3rd $100 000.00 11th $13 000.00 19th $5 000.00
      4th $45 000.00 12th $12 000.00 20th $4 000.00
      5th $30 000.00 13th $11 000.00 21th – 35th $3 000.00
      6th $25 000.00 14th $10 000.00 36th – 50th $2 000.00
      7th $20 000.00 15th $9 000.00 51th – 75th $1750.00
      8th $17 000.00 16th $8 000.00 76th – 85th $1500.00
      WEEK 1 US$3000-00 WEEK 4 US$3000-00 WEEK 7 US$3000-00
      WEEK 2 US$3000-00 WEEK 5 US$3000-00 WEEK 8 US$3000-00
      WEEK 3 US$3000-00 WEEK 6 US$3000-00 WEEK 9 US$3000-00
      1st $150 000.00 5th $20 000.00 9th $5 000.00
      2nd $75 000.00 6th $15 000.00 10th $3 000.00
      3rd $40 000.00 7th $10 000.00 11th – 15th $2 000.00
      4th $25 000.00 8th $7 000.00 16th – 20th$1 500.00
      1st $170 000.00 5th $20 000.00 9th $5 000.00
      2nd $100 000.00 6th $15 000.00 10th $4 000.00
      3rd $70 000.00 7th $10 000.00 11th – 15th $2 000.00
      4th $40 000.00 8th $7 500.00 16th – 30th $1 500.00
  43. In the unlikely event that the 2021 series attracts less than 100 paid participants by the end of the intake period as described in Clause 10, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the series and refund all reservation fees received, by 31 January 2022.
  44. Prize money described in Clause 42 is guaranteed once the number of paid participants equals or exceeds 100.
  45. The accumulated time throughout the series of the first 3 pigeons per country will determine the country winning the Country Cup. No prize money will be paid to the winning countries.
  46. It is compulsory for all participants to provide the organisers with pedigrees of all their remaining pigeons within 7 days after the final race. Any participant who fails to comply with this clause will forfeit any proceeds from the post-race auctions to be held by the organisers.
  47. All pigeons that return from the final race will be sold by live and/or virtual and/or online auctions to be held in South Africa. The proceeds of the auction after commission and expenses will be split 60% to the participant and 40% to the organisers unless no pedigrees are supplied by the participant in which case clause 46 will apply.
  48. Standard auction rules will apply and the buyer will be required to pay the auction amount to the organisers within 48 hours of the close of the auction.
  49. All expenses related to housing and shipping pigeons bought on the auctions will be for the buyers account.
  50. Force Majeure
    In this Clause “Event of Force Majeure” means an event beyond the control of the organisers and/or the participant, which prevents either party from complying with any of its obligations under this Contract, including but not limited to:
    1. An Act of God (such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves and floods);
    2. war, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, mobilisation, requisition, or embargo;
    3. rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power, or civil war;
    4. riot, commotion, strikes, lock outs or disorder, unless solely restricted to employees of the Supplier or of his Sub-contractors; or
    5. pandemics, widespread or localised disease outbreaks, shutdown of air traffic; or
    6. acts or threats of terrorism; or
    7. veterinary restrictions
  51. In the event of Force Majeure being declared at any time before Race 5, the participant shall be given an option to be paid a full refund or to receive a credit for activations for the following race season.
  52. In the event of Force Majeure being declared after Race 5, the organisers will pay out the prize money and refund the participants’ activation fee as follow:
    1. After Race 5 but before Race 6 – 50% of prize money as per clause 45 will be paid out and 50% of the activation fee will be refunded.
    2. After Race 6 but before Race 7 – 60% of prize money as per clause 45 will be paid out and 40% of the activation fee will be refunded.
    3. After Race 7 but before Race 8 – 70% of prize money as per clause 45 will be paid out and 30% of the activation fee will be refunded
    4. After Race 8 but before Race 9 – 80% of prizemoney as per clause 45 will be paid out and 20% of the activation fee will be refunded
    5. After Race 9 but before Race 10 (The Final) – 90% of prize money as per clause 45 will be paid out and 10% of the activation fee will be refunded.
  53. The above terms and conditions and the application form on the AfrikaPro website constitute the full agreement between the organisers and the participant. Any dispute will be resolved subject to the laws of the Republic of South Africa.