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Register your IPFN number

As part of being a valued entrant to the AfrikaPro series, we require all participants to register for an International Pigeon Fancier Number (IPFN). This will allow us to link your pigeons loaded on the Benzing loft system with a fancier management system. Via this system, you can get updates on the status of your pigeons as well as activate your team for the AfrikaPro series.

Registering for the IPFN is a straightforward process, simply watch the how to video on this page.

Start by visiting, then click on register located to the top right. Complete the details on the registration form and confirm your email address as instructed.

To locate your IPFN number, login, click on “Account”, your number will be located on the card located to the right.

If you already have a IPFN number, please forward it or your newly registered IPFN number to Once we have created your profile on the management system, you will be notified via email with further details.

Please ensure to send the full number, including the last 3 digits.