How will it work?

After considering various options to determine the champion fancier in One-Loft-Racing accurately, we concluded that the fairest and most accurate way to achieve this would be based on a time-accumulation method.


  1. Receive our invitation or apply to reserve your place in the Afrikapro Series.
  2. Once accepted, pay the reservation fee of US$3000-00. 
  3. The intake period will be from 1 September 2021 to 31 January 2022.
  4. We, or our in-country agent, will assist you in making the necessary arrangements to ship your pigeons to us.
  5. We want to ensure that every participant is on an equal footing as far as numbers are concerned. 
  6. Identify your team consisting of young pigeons rung with official 2021 rings/bands.
  7. If you send a team from abroad, you may send us up to 15 pigeons to allow for losses during the quarantine phase. Once the quarantine is lifted, we will allow a maximum of 12 pigeons into the loft. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to see what to do with any excess pigeons.
  8. If you are sending your team from within South Africa, you may send us 12 pigeons.
  9. You will pay a US$6000-00 admission fee on the date that your 12 pigeons are taken into the loft and registered on the Benzing Clocking System.
  10. Once the in-take period closes on 31 December 2021, training will commence. 
  11. There will be thorough road training preceding the 10-race-series.  
  12. The qualifying toss will be from 160km during June 2022.
  13. After the qualifying toss, you will indicate which 10 of your remaining pigeons will participate in your team for the Afrikapro Series. At this point, any remaining pigeons over and above the 10 pigeons you identified will be removed from the loft. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to see what to do with these excess pigeons.
  14. We will provide documentary evidence in the form of photos to identify and confirm the remaining pigeons in your team.
  15. After that, you need to pay the US$6000-00 activation fee. This is compulsory. 
  16. The Afrikapro Series of 10 races on consecutive weekends will commence during July 2022.
  17. From Race 1 to Race 9, the flying time of the first 3 pigeons in your team will be accumulated for the best fancier competition. In the Final Race (Race 10), the flying time of the first 2 pigeons will be accumulated for the best fancier competition.
  18. The fancier whose team has the shortest accumulated time after the final race will be the winner of the 10-race-series.
  19. See terms and conditions regarding hours of darkness.


All pigeons that take part in the 10-race-series will automatically qualify for the GOLDEN JERSEY competition

This competition is independent of the Black Jacket Fancier Competition and all pigeons in the loft will take part in this.

The PIGEON, with the shortest accumulated flying time over 10 races, will win the GOLDEN JERSEY competition.


All pigeons basketed for the final race will compete for the prize money allocated to the Final Race.


To attract interest in the Black Jacket Competition from early on, we plan to pay a weekly prize for the best fancier of the week.

The winner of this weekly prize will be determined by the fancier whose first 3 pigeons recorded the shortest accumulated flying time on that weekend’s race.

We will publish the Team Results after every race and will also post an Overall Ranking every week. 


At Afrikapro, prize money is not the most important factor to compete for but rather the HONOUR OF WINNING!

Not only winning for yourself but representing your country in the COUNTRY CUP competition.

The COUNTRY CUP will work similarly to the fancier competition, with the difference being that all its partaking fanciers of a country will represent that country. 

The accumulated time throughout the series of the first 3 pigeons per country will determine the country winning the Country Cup.