When is it happening?

One of the most important considerations in levelling the playing field for all our competitors is the time of the year that would be best to host our season.

In South Africa, the traditional racing season starts in Winter and culminates in Spring. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, this means the period from June to September.

Our research has shown that South African One-Loft-Races held during winter have significantly less losses. 

This may be attributed to two crucial factors – temperature and moult. Although maximum temperatures at Phala Phala stay moderate to high throughout the year, winter brings cooler temperatures and clear skies over much of South Africa’s interior, resulting in favourable racing conditions along the series route. 

Winter also means that pigeons that are received during our intake months of October to February, will all have completed a body-moult when the racing starts – we want to ensure that every competitor’s team is on an equal footing irrespective of the pigeons’ origin. 

The AfrikaPro season will therefore commence with road training during May, the race season starting at the beginning of June and the Final to be held in the 3rd week of September 2023.

This also gives participants from Europe the opportunity to finish their Inter/National Race season before travelling to South Africa and joining us for the final.